Climate neutral for years, now climate positive


Nine years ago, we made our milk formulas climate neutral. Now we’re taking this one step further: All of Holle’s milk formulas are now climate positive. Since our beginnings, we have produced our products through biodynamic farming – the most climate-friendly form of farming. In the following article, we will explain why this is so important and discuss some of the other things we are doing to gradually make our world greener.

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What we do and why

Our customers are the littlest ones amongst us. That is why we believe that we have a very special responsibility: We shape their future. Protecting the climate is our most important job in this respect. By choosing high-quality, biodynamic and organic raw materials, we make a valuable contribution towards protecting the climate. And we’ve been doing so since 1934: „Sustainable from the beginning.“

Demeter – A key factor in the fight against climate change

Holle is a Demeter pioneer in the production of baby food. The majority of our products feature the Demeter label: Biodynamic quality of the highest standard. For more than 100 years, Demeter farming has been practising the same thing that is now being celebrated as a sustainable trend: Biodynamic farming in closed cycles in which one stage logically links to the others.

In a biodynamic farming system, the soil contains biomass, which promotes humus formation. A thick humus layer in turn keeps the soil healthier by increasing its ability to retain nutrients and water. Most importantly, this soil is able to bind greenhouse gases over the long term – which is an important factor in climate protection.

Nevertheless, greenhouse gases are generated during farming and the subsequent production of our products. We offset these greenhouse gases in regional projects (e.g. in project for organic farmers in Germany) and in international emission reduction projects. These figures are calculated by independent institutes using the GHG Protocol, a standardized method for calculating greenhouse gas emissions.

From climate neutral to climate positive

climate neutral for 9 years climate positive from now on

Since 2013, our milk formulas have been certified as “CO2e neutral”, with our milk and grain porridges receiving this certification in 2014 and our goat milk formulas in 2016. The junior mueslis were next to follow and finally the Holle pouches at the beginning of 2021. Now we’re taking it one step further: From now on, our cow milk and goat milk formulas are climate positive. This means that we compensate for more greenhouse gases than we have generated in this area – resulting in a net positive for the climate. In this way, we also make an important contribution to compliance with the objective defined in the Paris Climate Agreement of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

„Becoming climate positive is the next logical step on our journey towards creating a positive future for all of our grandchildren.“
Udo Fischer, Managing Director and joint owner of Holle baby food AG

Discover our complete product range

From climate-positive infant milk formulas to grain and milk porridges, pouches and whole goat’s milk powder for the entire family – all of our products are completely organic, and most of them also have Demeter certification. This ensures that little ones can grow up with loving care – enjoying the best that nature has to offer.

Our contribution to a
climate-friendly world

In addition to reducing and preventing greenhouse gases, national (in Germany) and international emission reduction projects represent an important pillar in our fight to protect the climate. We are committed to working together with a wide range of partners in various locations on lots of important projects.

Improving soil

At Gut Döllnitz farm in Hall and Frankenhof farm in Heilsbronn (both situated in Germany), we are reducing greenhouse gases and supporting the formation of valuable humus.
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Kariba forest protection project

Each year, the Kariba project protects around 785,000 hectares of forest, along with the vulnerable and endangered species that live within the forest and much more. This project also offsets more than 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 by preventing deforestation in this region.
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Biodynamic farming

We improve our soils with humus, which allows the soil to bind more CO2 and makes an important contribution to protecting the climate.
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Goats in the Black Forest

In an effort to maintain agricultural structures in the Black Forest, we are helping farmers convert their farms to produce Demeter goat’s milk.
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Sustainable logistics

We take responsibility for logistics together with our logistics partner.
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More Demeter, more biodiversity: This simple formula explains the contribution that biodynamic farming makes to species protection. That is why we use raw materials in unique Demeter quality to produce our products and always promote organic farming.
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Becoming more and more climate friendly with each step

In addition to our climate-positive milk formulas, our grain and milk porridges, junior mueslis and pouches are also climate neutral. But that is still not enough for us: We are continuing on our sustainable journey and are working on minimising our CO2e footprint. We are planning on making even more of our products climate positive.


from the beginning

Since our beginnings over 85 years ago, we have procured our raw materials from biodynamic and organic farms. By doing so, we have supported this particularly sustainable form of agriculture. For our products, this means biodynamic quality of the highest standard. Discover our complete product range.
Sustainable from the beginning

The seeds of sustainability

The ear of a corn perfectly symbolises how we view the concept of sustainability. It represents the origins of the Holle brand, which started processing grain in line with biodynamic standards over 85 years ago. It is also used in our company logo. The ear also represents the fruit that can be grown thanks to our holistic, future-oriented thinking and action: a sustainable, social and fair future.


Six seeds representing six topics
Here’s how sustainability is brought to life at Holle:

sustainable from the beginning
Acting in accordance
with our values
Sustainable management from the origin of the raw materials to the finished product is the company philosophy that we have been putting into practice for more than 85 years. As a family-run Swiss company, we have attached a great deal of importance to sustainability, honesty and transparency right from our very beginnings.
Business based
on respect
Long-term and reliable partnerships based on fairness, honesty and ethical, sustainable procurement of raw materials result in respectful supply chains. This, in turn, guarantees the quality of our products and is an important factor in ensuring the future viability of our business.
Protecting the climate & saving resources
Protecting the climate is our most important shared responsibility as we move into the future. Our milk formulas are already climate neutral and we are continuing to work on preventing and reducing CO2 emissions. With our climate-positive products, we are taking an important step towards creating a positive future for all of our grandchildren. We use resources carefully – biodynamic farming is particularly resource friendly – and optimise our consumption of water and energy.
Biodynamic farming
Biodynamic farming
Building an environmentally sustainable future
Organic and biodynamic farming is based on the concept of a sustainable closed-loop system. We have been biodynamic since 1934. The majority of our products feature the Demeter label. In this way, we promote healthy and regenerative methods of cultivation that give more back to the soil than they take from it and help to promote biodiversity. This means that we are actively shaping our future ecological sustainability.
Standing up for people &
Meaningful work, involvement, lifelong learning, trust and appreciation – these are the pillars of the sense of togetherness at Holle. As a family business, equal opportunities and quality of life are just as important to us as providing digital ways of working. We are working hard to create a better society with fundraising projects organised by our employees and our company philosophy.
Product responsibility
Product responsibility
Promoting healthy & sustainable nutrition
We produce organic baby food and nutrition products of the highest quality. In this way, we promote healthy and sustainable nutrition from the very beginning. Our simple, yet varied range of natural products made with a small, high-quality selection of seasonal and regional raw materials fulfil the nutritional needs of infants and small children.

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