Sustainable logistics

We take responsibility for logistics together with our logistics partner.

Sustainable logistics

Working together to find a better way



Ourselves and our logistics partner Naturata Logistik eG share a holistic awareness of ecological and environmental factors. This lays the foundation for a sustainable supply chain – from manufacture to delivery to our customers.



Naturata Logistik eG is mindful of ecology and supports eco-friendly technology. For example, the majority of power the company uses is generated by its own photovoltaic system and it has been involved in a pioneering biodiversity project. The company has been awarded EMAS certification for their work in this area.



Storage and transport have a big impact on the emissions created within the value chain of our products. This is why we believe that we must also strive for sustainable solutions in this area in order to reduce unnecessary emissions.



Us, in cooperation with our logistics partner Naturata Logistik eG.