More Demeter, more biodiversity: This simple formula explains the contribution that biodynamic farming makes to species protection. That is why we use raw materials in unique Demeter quality to produce our products and always promote organic farming.

Preserving biodiversity

We use Demeter farming



The large majority of our products already feature the Demeter label. These products are produced in harmony with nature through biodynamic farming, which gives back more than it takes from the earth.




  • A natural cycle of cultivation with no exploitation of animals, soils or the environment
  • Quality instead of quantity
  • Species-appropriate animal husbandry
  • No animal hormones or growth regulators
  • Natural compost instead of artificial fertilisers
  • No chemical pesticides or insecticides



By avoiding the use of herbicides and chemically synthesised pesticides, areas farmed in accordance with the Demeter guidelines contain a third more species than those farmed using conventional methods. Demeter farms also make an impact when it comes to animal breeding, as keeping and continuing to breed old farm animal species is common practice on many of these farms. This helps to maintain a diverse range of species and protect them over the long term.



Us, in cooperation with the Demeter Association and our Demeter farmers.