Biodynamic farming

We improve our soils with humus, which allows the soil to bind more CO2 and makes an important contribution to protecting the climate.

Expanding Demeter farming

Creating more CO2 sinks with healthy soil



Each product grown under biodynamic conditions supports the formation of humus. This is very important, as humus-rich soils are one of the most important CO2 sinks on earth.



The more we use biodynamic farming, the more humus layers are created and the more CO2 the soil can sequester. This method of Demeter farming gives more back to the sail than it takes from it. That is why we have made a conscious decision to purchase the majority of our raw materials from Demeter farms.



We actively promote organic farming and especially biodynamic farming, as this form of farming is based on the concept of a sustainable closed-loop system. This results in products that are in harmony with the principles of nature – and helps to protect the environment and the natural world.



Us, in cooperation with the Demeter Association and our Demeter farmers.