Improving soil

At Gut Döllnitz farm in Hall and Frankenhof farm in Heilsbronn (both situated in Germany), we are reducing greenhouse gases and supporting the formation of valuable humus.

Regional emission projects (Germany)

Humus formation & CO2 offsetting



By participating in a pilot project together with Soil & More Impacts* and two farms, Gut Döllnitz in Halle and Frankenhof in Heilsbronn, we were able to reduce our CO2 emissions. Since beginning the project, we have been driving constant humus formation at these two organic farms and reducing our CO2 footprint.



As part of a campaign by Soil & More Impacts*, six farms in Germany aim to offset the carbon emissions caused by the regional organic trade fairs that take place each year, making them climate neutral. This goal was achieved. With this project, we were able to reduce CO2 and offset a percentage of our emissions on our own soil.



Climate change and its consequences affect the whole world. That is why we are aiming to reduce emissions level.



Us, in cooperation with Soil & More Impacts* and regional farmers in Germany.


*) Soil & More Impacts: part of sustainable AG since 2022